About Me

I am originally from Weeki Wachee, Florida. Most people are sure they haven’t heard of it until I mention that we are the only city with live mermaids.

While an undergraduate at Florida State, I minored in Italian studies with the intention of learning more about my heritage. I ended up with a fascination with Italian history and culture and, a few years later, a Sicilian wife. My takeaway from this is that my undergraduate minor seems to have had, in some respects, a bigger payoff than my major.

In my free time, I enjoy (poorly) playing chess as well as (less poorly) playing various video games. I have also been running a Dungeons & Dragons campaign for almost two years now, so I spend lots of time constructing an overly detailed imaginary world that my friends/players will ultimately ignore.

I have been told that my music taste is “eclectic.” I interpret that as a polite way of saying I have no taste. I would link to my Spotify, but that would just be embarrassing. I am happy to talk about all kinds of music outside of the permanence of the internet.